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23rd August 2017 

A few words about my professional background

“Migration is about two elements: the journey towards a new life and the settling into it…
Both migration and rootedness is my background.”

Ruth Padel, The Mara Crossing (2012, p.3-5)

I was born and grew up in Warsaw, Poland.
This is also where I studied Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Warsaw at the same time as working as an assistant director of one of the first private art galleries behind the iron curtain - talking with artists, helping to organise their exhibitions and shows, and coordinating sales. This was the time when creative Arts were seen as evolving out of immediate inner experiencing, basically anti-institutional and anti-regime, a social and political critic.

The ferment of my formative years in Poland had strong influence on the rest of my life, including my interest in Gestalt therapy that makes it not only for a humane discipline of healing, but a way of living creatively in the modern age.

I moved to the UK in the mid-80's and settled in London.
I continued my psychology studies at the same time as working as an RGN with the acutely and chronically ill in the hospital setting. After gaining a Post-Graduate Diploma in Health Psychology from Middlesex University my developing interest in working with individuals suffering with persistent body distress and medically unexplained symptoms had led me to continue my training as a psychotherapist.

I have now worked in a therapeutic capacity for over 25 years in London.
I am a graduate of Gestalt Centre London and have MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy from London Metropolitan University. Prior to becoming an individual and group psychotherapist, I gained Post-Grad Diploma in Counselling from The Gestalt Centre London. My particular interest in the body process and movement led me to train extensively in body therapy with the Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy in Ealing and Ruella Frank - the founder of Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy.

My clinical practice has been strongly influenced by my teachers in gestalt therapy: Peggy Sherno, the founder-director of the Gestalt Centre London, Gaie Houston, Jane Paddy, and Carl Hodges - former president of New York Gestalt Institute, as well as the work of Gail Feinstein, Rich Hycner and Erv Polster. I trained in couples therapy with Joseph Zinker in the mid-90's, and more recently with Rich Hycner, as well as Bob and Rita Resnick at GATLA (Gestalt Associates Training, Los Angeles), and with Judith Hemming at the Centre for Systemic Constellations.

Having trained in relational integrative supervision, I offer clinical supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists - qualified and in training, as well as coaches and leaders in complex organisational settings. I offer sound knowledge and substantial managerial experience gained whilst working for the NHS and more recently as a non-executive director and trainer in The Gestalt Centre London.

I am a registered practitioner with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and an accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I adhere to their Code of Ethics and Practice. I am committed to my personal development and continue to expand my clinical skills through regular supervision and ongoing training. I am a member of AAGT (Association for Advancement of Gestalt Therapy) and member of UKAGT (UK Association for Gestalt Practitioners).

Beside providing psychotherapy to individals born and brought up in UK, I have vast experience of working with a great variety of individuals representing different countries, race and religions, and language. I work regularly with clients from Poland, Germany, Spain, Colombia and Brazil as well as those from the Middle East, India, and the African countries, including Ghana and South Africa. I work primarily in English but sessions can also be held in Polish.

I have extensive experience of therapy with gender and sexual minority clients, in particular those who additionally are part of another minority because of their race, culture, religion or were born and brought up outside of the UK. Having worked in LGBT organisations: London Friend and ELOP for many years, I gained the skills necessary to support those affected by prejudice, oppression and intolerance.
My practice is listed on Pink Therapy website.

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